Jericoacoara is hands down one of the most charming and unique kitesurfing destinations that should be experienced atleast once in a lifetime. The sand maze streets that interconnect this remote peice of paradise we all know as Jeri, is quite literally built out of the national park white sand desert that sets the stage for the ultimate beach culture experience. With a multinational cuisine offering a taste and budget to fit all appetites, all the while dining under a moonlit sensory experience, you simply won’t want to miss. Boasting a spectacular nightlife scene, Jeri is the most lively, upbeat town along your  downwinder tour, so be prepared to soak it all in as a grand finaly to your downwinder tour.


Jeri is a little more challenging for a launch than other destinations as the wind is off shore directly in front of the beach town itself That being said you can launch about 500 meters to the left at sunset dune. Better to launch atleast where sunset dune begins as any closer to the town the wind is very gusty due to the offshore factor. Once you are out on the water in front of sunset dune you can decide to kite the waves in front of the dune with flat water and waves combined or ride upwind in front of Jeri itself about a kilometer out from the shore to Praia Malhada. Although extremely tempting you cannot kitesurf in the windsurf zone to the right of Jeri, perhaps one of the last strictly windsurfing zones anywhere.

Directly in front of Jeri the wind is off shore and very gusty. About 1 kilometer out and the wind is more stable. If you want smoother side onshore wind you can launch at Praia Malhada a 15 minute walk from Jeri center.  The average air temperature is between 25C  to 32C.

Cumbuco is close enough to the big city to have a flare for the multinational cuisine as also a small enough fishing town to have many local delicious and fresh seafood restaurants. As its a long stretch of beach with many hotel restaurant/bars it’d definitely worth a walk in the day to find the perfect vibe for you. Likewise you will find many hidden gems in the main square and beachfront area of Cumbuco.

The major International Airport to access Cumbuco  is Fortaleza Pinto Martins which is 30 minutes in a Uber or Taxi.

All our accommodations throughout your downwinder has Wifi.

The local currency is called the Brazilian Real. You will find an exchange in Fortaleza international Airport. There is a cash machine at the supermarket in Cumbuco that charges a small percentage for withdrawals.

You will need a passport that is valid for atleast 6 months upon entry into Brazil. You can obtain a 90 day tourist’s visa at the airport upon arrival in Brazil. This can be extended for a further 90 days by going into the Federal Police headquarters in Fortaleza and requesting an extension. (Make sure you have someone to translate Portuguese with you). A tourist card will be given to you on your flight which needs to be completed and handed into customs on arrival. It is highly recommended you check with the Brazil embassy if there are any specific requirements for travel to Brazil from your country

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