Ilha do Guajiru is one of our favorite spots on this pristine coastline of Ceara north eastern Brazil, and we are sure that it will be one of yours too. The little village of Ilha do Guajiru is situated directly on this world class picturesque lagoon with many of the Pousdas on the front of the lagoon itself acting as your launching zone in high tide. The back of the front line of Pousadas is main street. The lagoon is about 3 kilometers long and 500 meters wide; with a narrow opening on the upwind side of the lagoon through a truly world class downwinder mangrove forest run. On the downwind side of the lagoon there is an opening back into the ocean for all you wave nuts that get tired of the butter flat water in the lagoon itself.


Boasting a world class Lagoon with world class wind, Ilha do Guajiru  is a flat water, downwinder mangrove estuary kiters dream come true. Starting about 5 kilometers upwind we will take you through the most incredible downwind run; through a Mangrove forest river estuary system with butter flat water. You might see a local fishing boat or merchant vessel navigating through this magnificent 300 to 500 meter wide river estuary system that leads directly into the on Ilha do Guajiru Lagoon. Be ready for the session of a lifetime.

Boasting smooth and consistent 18 to 30 knots daily from July through January you will be hard pressed to find a more ideal spot. The average air temperature is between 25C  to 32C

Cumbuco is close enough to the big city to have a flare for the multinational cuisine as also a small enough fishing town to have many local delicious and fresh seafood restaurants. As its a long stretch of beach with many hotel restaurant/bars it’d definitely worth a walk in the day to find the perfect vibe for you. Likewise you will find many hidden gems in the main square and beachfront area of Cumbuco.

The major International Airport to access Cumbuco  is Fortaleza Pinto Martins which is 30 minutes in a Uber or Taxi.

All our accommodations throughout your downwinder has Wifi.

The local currency is called the Brazilian Real. You will find an exchange in Fortaleza international Airport. There is a cash machine at the supermarket in Cumbuco that charges a small percentage for withdrawals.

You will need a passport that is valid for atleast 6 months upon entry into Brazil. You can obtain a 90 day tourist’s visa at the airport upon arrival in Brazil. This can be extended for a further 90 days by going into the Federal Police headquarters in Fortaleza and requesting an extension. (Make sure you have someone to translate Portuguese with you). A tourist card will be given to you on your flight which needs to be completed and handed into customs on arrival. It is highly recommended you check with the Brazil embassy if there are any specific requirements for travel to Brazil from your country.

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