itesurfing lessons can be a bit of a mystery to the uninitiated. The sport involves a lot of kit, a lot of new techniques and can look quite daunting from the outside. It’s not really though, and here we’ve tried to answer the top 10 questions we’re asked by people who are thinking about booking kitesurfing lessons.


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What happens if there’s no wind?

That’s pretty unlikely in Tarifa, but if it does happen we will either reschedule your lesson, offer you another activity to an equal value or refund you if you paid in advance. It’s not your fault if the wind doesn’t blow!

Do I need insurance?

Nope, we cover that.

What lessons format is best for beginners?

We recommend private lessons if you’ve never tried kitesurfing before as this gives you 100% of the instructor’s attention, but semi private lessons can work too. It’s probably best to wait until you have a basic level of competence to try group lessons as they might not give you the level of attention you need at first.

How many hours will it take for me to be independent?

That’s a pretty individual thing, but most people are up and riding on their own after about 12 hours of instruction. Some sooner, some later. But we’ll get you there.

What do I need to bring with me to the lesson?

Not much – just yourself, something snug to wear under a wetsuit, and a towel and some warm clothes to put on afterwards.

Is it safe?

Kitesurfing is safe as far as anything is safe – if you do it properly, listen to the instructor, and follow the safety guidelines then it’s really unlikely anything will go badly wrong.

How old does someone need to be to learn kitesurfing?

Kids learn particularly quickly, but because of the power of the kites we’re careful about teaching the younger ones. We have developed a special methodology for kids lessons, but usually we recommend they are at least six year old before learning.

Do I need to be very strong or fit?

No – a basic level of physical fitness is helpful, but kitesurfing is not especially physically demanding unless you want to try some of the more exotic tricks and jumps.

Do I need any experience of other sports?

No, but anything that helps you with balance might be useful. That could be anything from snowboarding to ballet to football. But nothing’s necessary.

How many hours at a time should I do?

That depends on a you really, but usually for a beginner 3-4 hours a day is about right.

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